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15 April 2015

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The Universal Living Wage will end Economic homelessness for over one million minimum wage workers and prevent Economic homelessness for 20.1 million minimum wage workers.

The federal government says 42 percent of these people are working some of the time during the week. Clearly, the work ethic is there, but the wage to afford basic housing is not.

These folks come from the pool of 20 million minimum wage workers. This includes undocumented workers in this country. Minimum wage jobs (those that can’t be outsourced) were once stepping stones. Now, when coupled with subsidies, they are the jobs raising whole families.

Our proposal, through a ten-year plan, is to fix the Federal Minimum Wage by indexing it to the local cost of housing throughout the United States. The antithesis of being housed is homelessness. Let's get going!

We can do it with your help and support!

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